AGSA Affiliation

Who is AGSA?

The Sage is the travel team division of the Arlington Girls Softball Association (AGSA),

dedicated to providing our community with softball development and growth opportunities.

AGSA is a 501.3c, Federally listed, non-profit organization and the Sage falls under the umbrella of that organizational status.


AGSA is an affiliate youth sports organization of Arlington County, which enables AGSA full access to all Arlington County fields and facilities at virtually no cost when compared to other organizations.  The Sage are proud of AGSA's mission and take full advantage of AGSA's affiliate status with Arlington County.

Sage Registration Policy

Sage requires that all players register through the AGSA system.

Upon acceptance of an official offer, players will be registered in the AGSA system. Players will be charged upon registration, an annual $100 Sage/AGSA fee that covers administrative and field-use costs for the parent organization. 


In addition to the $100 fee, any Sage player who resides outside of Arlington county will also be assessed the $20 out-of-county fee that is directly proportional to the additional amount that AGSA pays the Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation for field use by out-of-county players.


Each Sage individual team will determine their team fee for each season. This fee will be used to pay for tournaments, doubleheaders and other team costs. These fees may not cover uniform and equipment costs which could be charged separately.  All Sage registration fees are due, paid in full, by the start of that season.  All team fees will be due no later than 2 weeks after the start of the season unless prior payment arrangements have been made. Failure to pay or make payment arrangements, may result in forfeiture of a team roster spot.  

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