2019 Review – 2019 spring/summer campaign was a success as the team migrated up from the 10U game.  The highlights were our new 10 week hitting program, our move to and competitiveness as 11 year old athletes in 12U B and Open tournaments and our season finale in West Virginia.

  • 10 Week Winter Hitting - Our athletes burst into 2019 with a comprehensive 10 week hitting program led by Coach Kristi Kelliher, Coach Jenna Orlando and Coach Mandy Conlin.  The program was held at our free, brand new and state of the art hitting facility here in Arlington at Barcroft Park.  The Sage progressed through core hitting fundamentals, team strength and endurance and several one-on-one sessions where our athletes could receive individual attention focused on their swing needs and opportunities. We will most certainly do this again in 2020.

Moving Forward 2019/2020 - With a foundation of fundamentally sound players and a healthy team culture, our athletes are poised to continue elevating their level of play, game presence and overall skills.  With a full year of the 12U game under our belts, our 2019 fall program will focus on mastering fundamentals, elevating our competitive appetite and incorporating skills and strategies you see at the high school and college level.  Fall is a great time to make adjustments as well, so our volunteer and professional coaches will work more closely with players who are ready and willing to try new things and enhance their game.  Change is hard and we generally avoid dramatic adjustments in the spring/summer due to the frequency of games.  We will also likely add a few new players to the team and the fall will be crucial in introducing them to our team culture and our fast-paced and active practices.  The fall/winter goal is to be firmly ready to play in 12U B/Open tournaments for a competitive and fun 2020 spring/summer season.

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