The 12U Sage (2007) is comprised of players from the Arlington, VA and surrounding beltway community. Our players love softball, look for challenges in the game and

seek consistent progress over perfection. 

Our players are athletes – first and foremost. They practice like they play – full of speed, energy and athleticism. 

Our coaches are fully committed and available. They teach and develop. Instead of telling players what to do, they teach them how to do it – and when they can’t, they find someone that can. They are resourceful and humble. 

We are not afraid to take risks and we know failure well – we even welcome it. We recognize our mistakes, we talk about them, we learn from them - then we make adjustments and move forward. We are proud of who we are, but focused on who we will become. We value our effort more than our wins – but know that our effort will bring them.

Who We Are

Sage 12U ('07)